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Camp's Life

At the heart of our desire to reproduce the life of a legion as faithfully as possible, the life of our camp allows the public to immerse themselves, the time of a look or a conversation with the legionaries, in the daily life of the legionaries.

The legionaries sleep on the spot, in the conditions of the time, cook and eat on the spot, with the ingredients at their disposal, wash themselves, do the chores of wood, water, guard.

This immersion in the life of the legionaries allows the public to really understand the difficulties, the needs, the leisures of a soldier in campaign at the end of the Republic or at the beginning of the 2nd Century.

Public Shows

Along with the camp life, the legionaries offer the public many demonstrations:

- Equipment presentations, in order to discover how the Roman legionaries dressed and walked;

- Maneuver demonstrations, allowing to better understand how the Roman legion became the most important and powerful armed force of antiquity, thanks to its rigor and its training;

- Combat demonstrations, facing Gallic, German ... and also Roman adversaries! This demonstration helps the public to better understand the combat tactics, and to  feel the thrill of the great battles of Antiquity.

School Pedagogy

The Association also intervenes in a school context, at the request of the establishments.

We can thus offer several types of activities, ranging from simple stands presenting the equipment and their evolutions to the installation of a camp for the day, in the courtyard of the establishment.

On the program: learning to walk under the orders of a centurion, discovery of the history and composition of the Roman legion, ... and more to create with you !

Ave Bagacum is always recruiting new members, for its military and civilian poles.
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