Legio X Equestris

Legio X

The formation of the legion could date from the Social War of 90-89 BC. AD or so from the year 72 BC. J-C when it is in transalpine Gaul. However, at present, it is impossible to say whether this is the same legion that Julius Caesar used to conquer Gaul. In 67-65 BC. AD, there is mention of a legion X in transalpine Gaul, to put an end to the revolt of the Gauls of the Allobroges tribe.

After the revolt, the legion probably wintered around Narbonne, capital of Narbonne Gaul. The legion fought during the conquest of Gaul (from 58 to 50 BC), and it is by distinguishing itself in various battles that it became the favorite legion of Julius Caesar. He even chooses legionaries from this legion to escort him during his interview with Arioviste, leader of a Germanic people in 58 BC. By replacing the Allied cavalry with legionaries from the Tenth Legion, Julius Caesar shows them enormous confidence and attaches their loyalty.

The loyalty of the legion being acquired from now on, Julius Caesar makes them participate in almost all his battles in Gaul.
Time and time again, the Tenth has proven its worth. It is illustrated in particular against Ariovistus at the Battle of Ochsenfeld (in 58 BC) or against the Belgians at the Battle of the Aisne and the Battle of Sabis (in 57 BC). VS.).

Perhaps present in Avaricum, certainly in Gergovia, but above all in the difficult and decisive fight of Alesia which allowed the final submission of the Gallic peoples to the Roman Republic in 52 BC. At the start of the civil war, the legion was in the vicinity of Narbonne, in Narbonne Gaul. She followed the Consul throughout this fratricidal struggle until the decisive battle of Pharsalia, on the right wing, during which Julius Caesar defeated the army of Pompey the Great.

Shortly after, the legion was dissolved and its veterans sent near Narbonne. At the end of the year 46 BC. J-C, the veterans asked to be reinstated in the army, the dictator then ordered Marc Antoine to reform the Legio X again.

But this is another story...

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