Our Camp

In order to offer the best possible reconstruction, our camp is also as faithful as possible to what we know to be a Roman military camp.

It is made up of two parts:
- A military camp, reserved for legionaries and under guard;
- A civilian camp, where merchants, artisans, families accompanying the army settle.

The military camp is built according to very precise rules: two main avenues, perpendicular, will cross in the center of the camp. This is where the Praetorium, the superior officer's tent, will be. The tents of the legionaries will extend along the avenues, creating perpendicular streets, while leaving a central place to an open forum, where the ceremonies, training, ...
The civilian camp is made up of cabanae, temporary dwellings, which follow the movements of the legion. In these cabanae, you will find everything that is useful for the daily life of the legionary: merchants - of food in particular -, artisans, taverns, prostitutes, ...

In short, anything that can make it possible to recover a little of the economy generated by a legion of 5,000 men.

Our camp tries to render all these aspects in the most realistic way. The exchanges between the two camps are important, and the civilians make it possible to greatly improve the daily life of the legionaries, thanks to the great variety of the products sold.

A structured camp

The Contubernium

The contubernium is the heart of a legionary's life. With seven other men - eight in total therefore - he shares everything: chores, punishments, cooking, watchtowers. Living together on a daily basis, they also fight together, making it possible to unite the bond between them even more.

Within AVE BAGACUM, each new legionary member is assigned a related contubernium. He will therefore evolve with these new comrades throughout his life as a soldier within the association.

In front of each tent, a fireplace, which allows you to warm up when evening falls or the morning dew cools the air, but which also allows you to prepare meals, boil water, burn waste, ...
Together, the members of the contubernium will unite and create a real community within the centuria. Within Ave Bagacum, they are brought together by geographical origin, in order to be able to continue to make this spirit of camaraderie continue more easily beyond the gatherings.
The civilian camp is made up of small lodgings called "Cabanae". You can find everything there: illegitimate families, traders, artisans, everything that accompanies the army on the move.

At Ave Bagacum, our civilian center offers several different types of shops, all of which contribute to the internal economy during the camps: food shop, pottery workshop, fabric merchant, basket weaving, clothing, ...

Women and children regularly make up this camp, located away from the military camp, but closely linked to it.
An important part of the life of the legionaries during their free time, the tavern is also present within the civilian camp. Offering mulsum, this spicy wine with honey, lemon water, garum, it allows some time to forget the fatigue of the day.

The Cabanae

Avec AVE BAGACVM, vous allez vivre la Romanité !


Ave Bagacum is always recruiting new members, for its military and civilian poles.
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